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Share Your Knowledge

The strength of the ACCUPLACER program stems from best practices and knowledge sharing among our colleagues. For this reason, we’re excited to introduce the ACCUPLACER Spotlight webinar series in June. Topics will include new ACCUPLACER features, best practices, and other subjects typically covered at the ACCUPLACER Conference..

Interested in partnering with another institution or an ACCUPLACER team member but don't know how? Email us.

Describing Your Session

Spotlight sessions can be led by testing directors, college faculty, school administrators, enrollment professionals, or any other professional from across the spectrum of education. Because of the wide range of ideas and audiences at our conference, your description should make the topic and target audience of your session completely clear.

Keep in mind that, if accepted, your session title and description will be published online and in emails. All session attendees should be able to quickly read your description and clearly understand what they’ll learn in your session. Avoid using abbreviations, acronyms, or references that attendees might not be familiar with.

We're seeking proposals—within any of the categories listed below—that will provide attendees with the information, knowledge and skills to implement equitable placement policies that promote student success. Sessions must be relevant to today's challenges and opportunities.

Session categories (used to organize the conference program) include:

  • Equity and Access
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Practice, Preparation and Interventions
  • Multiple Factors (measures)
  • Other

Session topics (used to provide attendees more detail about the session content) include:

  • Account Setup & Operations
  • Placement Policies
  • Proctoring Options
  • Implementation of Interventions
  • Best Practices

Before drafting your session proposal, be sure to read the guidelines on this page and on the Writing Guidelines page before you start writing.

Session Logistics

  • We're seeking 60-minute sessions from professionals comfortable with presenting virtually and being recorded.
  • To ensure high engagement, all sessions must be concise and interactive.
  • Presenters will be required to provide their final session materials two weeks prior to the session date and be available for both a content and technical rehearsal to be scheduled before the live online session. Session materials will be made available to session attendees after the presentation.

Guidelines and Procedures

  • Submit no more than two proposals, either as a lead presenter or copresenter. We ask that you obtain consent before you list other individuals as copresenters and provide their contact information.
  • As a lead presenter, you're responsible for sharing with your copresenters all information you receive from College Board staff about conference policies and logistics.
  • All session titles and descriptions, along with presenter names, job titles, and states, are part of the official ACCUPLACER Spotlight Series and will be edited for consistency and accuracy.
  • All proposals will be reviewed by the ACCUPLACER team.

Keep in mind that because of the need for a balanced series and because of time limitations, not all qualified proposals can be accepted. If your proposal isn't accepted for this year's series, please consider submitting one next year.

Note: Session proposals promoting the purchase of books, materials, or services won't be considered.

The ACCUPLACER team will review all proposals and will notify you of its decision on your proposal by May 31, 2021.

Questions? Email us.

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