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The 2021 ACCUPLACER Conference will be a virtual event. Help spread the word to testing professionals who may want to gain information, knowledge, and skills to help them implement more equitable placement programs at their institutions, systems or in their states.

Below are sample images and posts that you can use in your social media and other communication channels. Spread the word, tell your friends and colleagues about the value of the ACCUPLACER conference and why they would not want to miss it.

Sample Images

You may use the images below--on your web pages, in blogs, in social media posts, and in your email signature--to link to the ACCUPLACER Conference website, To download an image, right click and choose "Save Link As".


Professional Development for Testing Professionals

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Sample Posts

Below are sample posts to accompany the images above when used on social media. These are just examples, feel free to use them as they are or to create your own content, just be sure to spread the word!