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When will I be notified about the status of my proposal?

We’ll let you know the status of your proposal on or before April 16, 2021.
Questions? Reach out to [email protected]

If my proposal is accepted, will I be able to review my session details?

Yes. Once your session is posted to the conference program page, you should review all presenter information for spelling and accuracy. Note that the title and description of your session may have been edited to fit College Board editorial style guidelines.

As a presenter, do I need to register for the conference?

Yes. All presenters will need to register for the conference and pay the discounted presenter rate.

Will I be able to provide attendees with session materials?

Yes. All session materials will be made available in advance and are therefore required to be submitted on or before May 28, 2021.

Will you post my presentation on the event website after the event?

Unfortunately, we're unable to post session presentations to our event websites. You may use cloud-based document sharing programs to share your presentation if you choose.

Will there be a chance for me to test the technology before my session(s)?

Yes. All presenters will be required to participate in both a content and technical rehearsal to be scheduled before June 11, 2021.

How do I log in and access my session?

Closer to the date of the event, detailed information will be available in the Presenter Information section of the website. In addition, all presenters will be emailed instructions for joining the event and troubleshooting any issues.