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Proposal Requirements

  • The session description must contain clear and measurable learning outcomes. It's important that the descriptions emphasize what participants will be able to do with the information and knowledge gained. Session descriptions should state what participants should be able to accomplish as opposed to what they'll be receiving. Explaining that they will "survey," "review," "assess," or "examine" shifts the focus of the session from presenter to participant.
  • Proposed content must be engaging, relevant, and interactive.
  • The description must be submitted in a publishable format using proper grammar and spelling.
  • The session title is limited to 75 characters and must accurately describe the session.
  • The short description is limited to 150 characters including spaces. This description is meant to be included in the printed conference program and needs to succinctly describe what will be accomplished in your session.
  • The longer description is limited to 1,000 characters including spaces. This description will identify your key participant learning outcomes and describe your session in detail. The steering committee will generally review your longer description.
  • All sections of the proposal form must be accurate and complete.
  • Proposal outcomes should be able to be met within your chosen time frame.
  • Each proposal should identify the conference category with which it aligns. Remember to keep the categories in mind while you are drafting your proposal.

Example of an acceptable learning outcome:

  • "Participants will learn different methods by which to determine course placement scores and design placement policies for their institution."